Paper Seminar

Real-Time Adaptive Child-Robot Interaction: Age and Gender Determination of Children Based on 3D Body Metrics

2015-05-21 11:46
Abstract— Service robots employed in public spaces need to
be equipped with specific sensing, reasoning and human-robot
interaction capabilities to adapt their interaction style and thus
effectively engage with a variety of users. In this paper we
present a method used by an ubiquitous robotic system to
gather 3D body metrics and use them to robustly estimate
age and gender of previously unseen participants in real-world
multi-party situations. We evaluate system’s performance on
428 children volunteers and compare them with those obtainable
with a state of the art software based on face analysis. This
work demonstrates that even small number of biometrics can
achieve good age and gender estimation results in perceptually
challenging environments. Finally, this paper illustrates how the
system is used to inform the online adaptation of the behavior
of a humanoid robot.