Paper Seminar

Empath: a Continuous Remote Emotional Health Monitoring System for Depressive Illness

2015-05-21 11:42
Depression is a major health issue affecting over 21 million
American adults that often goes untreated, and even when
undergoing treatment it is hard to monitor the effectiveness
of the treatment. To address these issues, we have created a
real-time depression monitoring system for the home. This
system runs 24/7 and can potentially detect the early signs
of a depression episode, as well track progress managing a
depressive illness. A cohesive set of integrated wireless sensors,
a touch screen station, mobile device, and associated
software deliver the above capabilities. The data collected
are multi-modal, spanning a number of different behavioral
domains including sleep, weight, activities of daily living,
and speech prosody. The reports generated by this aggregated
data across multiple behavioral domains are aimed
to provide caregivers with more accurate and thorough information
about the client’s current functioning, thus helping
in their diagnostic assessment and therapeutic treatment
planning as well for patients in the management and tracking
of their symptoms. We present data of a case study
showing the value of the system, deployed over a period of
two weeks in a home during a depressive episode. Larger
scale studies are planned for the future.
Attachment : seminar_Empath.pptx