Paper Seminar

It Starts with iGaze: Visual Attention Driven Networking with Smart Glasses

2015-05-21 11:41
In this work, we explore a new networking mechanism with smart
glasses, through which users can express their interest and connect
to a target simply by a gaze. Doing this, we attempt to let wearable
devices understand human attention and intention, and pair
devices carried by users according to such attention and intention.
To achieve this ambitious goal, we propose a proof-of-concept system
iGaze, a visual attention driven networking suite: an iGaze
glass (hardware), and a networking protocol VAN (software). Our
glass, iGaze glass, is a low-cost head-mounted glass with a camera,
orientation sensors, microphone and speakers, which are embedded
with our software for visual attention capture and networking.
A visual attention driven networking protocol (VAN) is carefully
designed and implemented. In VAN, we design an energy
efficient and highly accurate visual attention determination scheme
using single camera to capture user’s communication interest and
a double-matching scheme based on visual direction detection and
Doppler effect of acoustic signal to lock the target devices. Using
our system, we conduct a series of trials for various application
scenarios to demonstrate the effectiveness of our system.
Attachment : 140926.pptx