Paper Seminar

Estimating Coverage Holes and Enhancing Coverage in Mixed Sensor Networks

2015-05-21 11:41
Area coverage is one of the most fundamental problems
in adhoc wireless sensor networks because it directly
relates to optimization of resources in a sensing field.
Maximizing the coverage area while maintaining a lower
cost of deployment has always been a challenge, especially
when the monitoring region is unknown and possibly hazardous.
In this paper, we present a method to deterministically
estimate the exact amount of coverage holes under
random deployment using Voronoi diagrams and use the
static nodes to collaborate and estimate the number of additional
mobile nodes needed to be deployed and relocated
to optimal positions to maximize coverage. We follow a
two-step deployment process in a mixed sensor network
and we argue by simulation and analysis that our collaborative
COVerage ENhancing algorithm (COVEN) can
achieve a tradeoff between the cost of deployment and percentage
of area covered.