Security protocol in in-vehicle network

Controller Area Network (CAN) is a de-facto standard in in-vehicle network. However, due to it being an isolated network for a long period of time, there has not been any consideration of it’s security. These days, since vehicles have more functions and are now connected with other networks, the security of CAN has become an important issue. We design a security protocol for CAN considering the limited environment of in-vehicle network which has low performance ECUs, small payload of CAN protocol, and so on.



  • Ki-Dong Kang (
  • Youngmi Baek (
  • Seonghun Lee (
  • Sang Hyuk Son (


Ki-Dong Kang, Youngmi Baek, Seonghun Lee, Sang H. Son, “Poster Abstract: Lightweight Authentication Method for Controller Area Network”, IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA), Daegu, Korea, Aug 2016.