Performance Analysis of Sensor Fusion Models for Pedal System in Brake-by-Wire System

This research focuses on analyzing the performance of sensor fusion models for a pedal system in electromechanical braking (EMB) systems. To properly control a brake, a signal obtained from a pedal is important and should be stable. Sensor fusion models can be used to make the pedal signal more stable and resilient against the abnormalities. In this work, a pedal sensor and a pedal effort sensor are exploited for the sensor fusion to control the brake. Then, we analyze the performance of each fusion model (e.g., average method, moving average method, median filter and etc.) in various fault scenarios. For the practical experiments, we employ the real measurement data set obtained from a vehicle in a different speed. Then, its fused result is validated using EMB bench to know how the fused result influences on the motor of the brake.



  • Minsu Jo (
  • Youngmi Baek ( )
  • Ki-Dong Kang (
  • Seonghun Lee(
  • Sang Hyuk Son (