Bi-Level Optimization for Eco-Traffic Signal System

The objectives of this paper is to develop the Eco-Traffic Signal Sys-tem (Eco-TSS) that can improve fuel consumption and delays at an isolated in-tersection under Connected Vehicle environment. The proposed system consists of an eco-driving algorithm and a traffic signal optimization process to figure out an optimal solution minimizing fuel consumption and delays. We developed a bi-level optimization method for the Eco-TSS and evaluated the impact of the Eco-TSS within traffic simulation to compare it with existing traffic signal controls. As results, the system showed fuel savings of 5-10% and travel-time reduction by 12% over existing control method.

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  • Saerona Choi (
  • Ho-jin Jung (
  • Byungkyu Brian Park (
  • Haengju Lee (
  • Sang Hyuk Son (


We submitted the paper to the 3rd International Conference on Internet of Vehicles(IOV 2016).