Interactive Objects for Relieving Stress in Daily Environments

With an increased awareness of living a health-conscious lifestyle, many efforts are made to reduce stress levels. However, activities such as exercising require an action to go to a certain location and effort to set aside an allocated time. To effectively contribute towards lowering stress levels, we propose convenient, entertaining, and time-effective ways of relieving stress with objects that are used and seen inside home and workplaces. Relieving stress within daily routines can greatly contribute towards making home and workplace more enjoyable, saving time, and improving physical, emotional and psychological health. Specifically, we present: (1) a magic mirror, (2) an interactive media wall, (3) an interactive plant, and (4) an interactive living room wall. We deploy these in real-world environments to demonstrate how interactive objects can play a important role in home and workplaces.




  • Hee Jung Yoon (
  • Ho-Kyeong Ra (
  • Sanghoon Jeon (
  • Minsu Jo (
  • Seongjoo Shin (
  • Jicheol Park (
  • Sang Hyuk Son (


Hee Jung Yoon, Ho-Kyeong Ra, Sanghoon Jeon, Minsu Jo, Seongjoo Shin, Jicheol Park, and Sang Hyuk Son “WiP Abstract: Interactive Objects for Relieving Stress in Daily Environments”, IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA), Daegu, Korea, Aug 2016.