Paper Seminar

A Lightweight and inexpensive in-ear sensing system for automatic whole-night sleep stage monitoring

2017-01-20 09:10
This paper introduces LIBS, a light-weight and inexpensive wearable sensing system, that can capture electrical activi- ties of human brain, eyes, and facial muscles with two pairs of custom-built flexible electrodes each of which is embed- ded on an off-the-shelf foam earplug. A supervised non- negative matrix factorization algorithm to adaptively ana- lyze and extract these bioelectrical signals from a single mixed in-ear channel collected by the sensor is also pro- posed. While LIBS can enable a wide class of low-cost self- care, human computer interaction, and health monitoring ap- plications, we demonstrate its medical potential by develop- ing an autonomous whole-night sleep staging system utiliz- ing LIBS’s outputs. We constructed a hardware prototype from off-the-shelf electronic components and used it to con- duct 38 hours of sleep studies on 8 participants over a period of 30 days. Our evaluation results show that LIBS can mon- itor biosignals representing brain activities, eye movements, and muscle contractions with excellent fidelity such that it can be used for sleep stage classification with an average of more than 95% accuracy.